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I started Brother’s Keeper with the idea that it would be a Membership / Volunteer based charity. One of the ways to help is to become a member of Brother’s Keeper. Membership entails both volunteering time and making regular donations to the charity. As a member of Brother’s Keeper you will have the satisfaction of knowing that your donation will be going to help one of your neighbors in their time of need. As the membership grows I hope to offer our members benefits that would be helpful to their own family. If you are interested in becoming a member please fill out the Membership Form.


If you choose not to become a member, Brother’s Keeper needs help from volunteers. Whether its helping with the organization or the setup and clean up at charity events, Brother’s Keeper could use your help. Volunteers are also needed to help raise funds for the Charity. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please fill out the Volunteer Form.


If you choose to give financially on a regular basis or on a one time basis, donations to Brother's Keeper Charity may be made by check, cash or a monthly deduction from a chosen bank account. Donations may also be setup through PayPal. For questions about making donations email Us and we will respond to your questions.

Thank You,

Mike Bender

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For questions about this charity such as volunteering, becoming a member or making donations Email Us and we will respond.