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Brother’s Keeper is a not for profit membership based charity. The main objective of Brother’s Keeper will be to provide help to the families of southeastern Michigan. The focus of Brother’s Keeper will be families that have unexpectedly lost a loved one or have experienced financial hardship due to illness or disability. This objective will be accomplished by assisting the families with a fundraiser event or providing financial assistance to the families in their time of need.


Brother’s Keeper could assist with fundraising by using it’s not for profit tax status to possibly obtain more substantial donations, whether that is financial or other.  Members of Brother’s Keeper would be willing to volunteer their time for a fundraising event and offer suggestions on how to maximize the fundraisers potential.  


Funding for Brother’s Keeper is provided by membership fees and by public or private donations.  The funding and donations will be used to assist those above mentioned families. Brother’s Keeper will assist families financially based on a case by case basis. Assistance will also depend on the amount of funds available. 


You can help Brother's Keeper Charity in one or more of the following ways:

  • Membership
  • Volunteer
  • Donations
For more information about helping with Brother's Keeper Charity, see Ways to Help.

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